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Domino's Rolling out Specialty Chicken

Domino’s Pizza is introducing a new chicken menu that includes putting pizza toppings on breaded, boneless chicken pieces. They are dubbing the menu Specialty Chicken. These new menu items will hit the stores on April 21st.

Pizza and Poetry

On April 18th, some pizza restaurants in New Orleans will be delivering a little poetry with their pizza. To honor National Poetry Month, literacy and tutoring center Big Class is working with Pizza Delicious, Mid-City Pizza and Reginelli’s Pizzeria for the event.

Pepperoni and Pickle Pizza

Sometimes an uncommon pizza topping makes for a good choice when paired with a traditional topping.

Random Pizza Delivery

A theater company is making it possible for people to ‘pizza bomb’ their friends. All of this is done as an inventive fund raising scheme.

Pull Apart Pizza Bread

This popular and easy recipe can be adjusted with your favorite pizza toppings. It’s easy to pull together and quick to cook.

Sarpino's Expanding in Slowing Market

Although the pizza industry may have sluggish sales, Sarpino’s USA feels like the time is right for them to seek out investors and grow.

Pizza 'Theater' Concept

The 1200 square foot Domino’s Pizza opened near the University of Arizona has a new design. It’s called ‘pizza theater’.

Truffled Taleggio and Mushroom Pizza

A gourmet pizza with only four ingredients may seem like an impossible thing to find, but this recipe fits the bill. In this case, the truffle oil and the unique cheese options are the special ingredients that bring this to the gourmet level.

Upper Darby Pizza Shop Highlighted on The Tonight Show

Pica’s Restaurant from Upper Darby saw the opportunity to get their pizza featured on The Tonight Show and they worked to make it happen.

Pizza Apology Not Well Accepted

While some might welcome free soda and pizza, some citizens from Greene County, Pennsylvania were more insulted than pleased.

Pesto Pizza with Sliced Tomatoes

Pesto adds a traditional Italian flavor to any pizza. This version uses just four simple ingredients and is quick to prepare.

Pizza Delivery Man Gets Special Delivery

Papa John’s Pizza delivery man Andrew Shaffer from Portland, Oregon got a delivery he wasn’t expecting the day after working a disappointing shift.

Pizza Boli’s Emphasizes Their Fresh Ingredients

Pizza Boli’s has a new symbol that helps put emphasis on their tradition of using fresh ingredients. The symbol declares “Fresh, Never Frozen”.

Cheesy Breakfast Pizza

Instead of eating cold, leftover pizza for breakfast, consider a pizza that is made for the meal. This breakfast pizza is perfect for a morning meal, or any other meal of the day.

Soldiers Serve Up Pizza to the Homeless

Cpl. Derno McCary of the 2-312th Regiment, 174th Infantry Brigade was recently photographed handing out pizza to homeless people. The photo became a big hit on social media.

Pizza and Ice Cream Combo Works

The new Otto Pizza restaurant in South Portland is located across the street from well known Red’s Dairy Freeze ice cream stand. Besides offering the convenient access to both pizza and ice cream, Otto Pizza has much to offer.

Pizza Buns

These mini pizzas using hamburger buns as their crust are a family favorite. They are easy to make and the ingredients can easily be changed to satisfy a variety of tastes.

New York Dominos Underpaying Workers

Attorney General Eric Schneiderman of New York announced $448,000 worth of settlements among six Domino’s franchises for failure to pay minimum wage.

Warning About Hotel Pizza Scams

Law enforcement officials warn consumers to be careful when ordering food from their hotel rooms. It is not uncommon for guests to find a variety of delivery menus inside their hotel rooms. There is, however, reason for concern.

Hummus Pizza

Hummus is a versatile ingredient in many recipes. Here it replaces the typical red sauce in a pizza, making for a unique twist on the traditional.

Domino’s Regional Hiring Day

Domino’s Pizza held a regional hiring day on March 26th. They were looking to hire 500 employees for their 79 stores in the Western Washington area. The positions to be filled included delivery drivers, assistant managers and general managers.

Pizza Pinwheels

Easy to make, easy to eat – this pizza recipe is great for kids! It’s also a great option to serve at parties.


Anyone looking to get a pizza in late evening / early morning hours may struggle to find a store that is open and delivers. PizzaTheApp looks to solve that issue for customers.

Pizza Prank Costs Man $400

In Fergus Falls, one pizza prank will likely cost one man much more than he ever thought. He may face criminal charges and a warrant for his arrest if he doesn’t pay soon. He was issued a $400 citation.

Garden Veggie Pizza Squares

This light pizza makes a great appetizer when cut in small squares, but can also be a main dish if you’d like. It’s fast and easy to make.

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