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Recent Articles

Three New Pizza Places in Fort Collins

In Fort Collins, Colorado several new pizza places are slated to be in town by the end of the summer.

Fast Growing Chain Targeting Tennessee

The Marco’s pizza chain is one of the fastest growing in the nation. They are currently focusing on middle Tennessee for their expansion.

Long Distance Pizza

A deployed United States soldier made sure that her standing pizza date with her husband was honored even though she couldn’t be there in person.

Turkey Pizza

This tasty pizza option comes in at just 275 calories per slice, making it a healthy version of a family favorite.

Domino's Voice App

Domino’s is now the first major fast food chain to offer an app that allows you to place orders by voice.

No More Sausage Pizza?

Is it possible that sausage pizza in New York City is going the way of the dodo bird?

Fast, Fun, Cheap, Easy Pizza

Pizza can be fun to eat, but it can also be cheap to make. Here’s a fun, fast, inexpensive option.

Pizza Hut Father's Day Contest

For Father’s Day, Pizza Hut is giving their customers a chance to share why their dad should win a trip to Dallas to see a Blake Shelton concert.

Grands Mini Pizzas

Using refrigerated Pillsbury biscuits, you can create customized mini pizzas in a jiff.

Gourmet Pizza Restaurant

Blue Moon Pizza in south Fort Myers was founded by Kelvin Slater and his wife Mandy. They are celebrating 11 years in the pizza business with their restaurant.

Drive Thru Pizza

A new drive thru pizza business is introducing their handmade touch to the area. Heide Maglott is a first time business owner. She, along with her husband opened Slices Pizza and Drive Thru featuring hand-mixed, handmade and hand tossed pizza.

Inside Out Pizza

Cooking with kids can be a fun experience. Tell them you’re making ‘inside out’ pizza and you’re sure to get their attention.

The Mom and Pop Pizza Trend

Mom and Pop pizza restaurants are on an upward trend in the Lehigh Valley. The most recent one is Suzanna’s. It opened on May 29th in Palmer Township. This 35 seat restaurant is just one of many independently owned pizza restaurants in the area.

Flatbread Pizza Dough

This simple flatbread pizza dough recipe will provide you with the crispy, thin crust foundation to support whatever toppings you choose.

Bethesda Pizzeria Makeover

A pizzeria in Bethesda is getting a makeover. Haven Pizzeria Napoletana was originally opened by an accountant, Tiger Mullen.

Strawberry Bacon Pizza

For a unique sweet and savory pizza, try mixing strawberries and bacon. You’ve heard that bacon goes with everything.

Great Pizza Options in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is home to lot of pizza places. You’ll find every style of pizza available from Chicago-style to New York style and everything in between.

Take and Bake Tax Debate

Did you know that in 24 of the 50 states, a Hershey bar is considered candy, but Twix is not. The reason behind this difference in classification is that Twix contains flour. In those 24 states, candy is by definition, flour-free. Because groceries are not taxed, consumers are...

Chicken Club Pizza

Take all the fresh goodness from a chicken club sandwich to make a refreshing pizza option.

Try Argentine Pizza

When Italians immigrated to Argentina, they created a pizza style that is their own. The Del Campo chef, Victor Albisu is ready to show residents of D.C. what Argentine pizza is like.

Greek Lamb Pizza

If you’re looking for something to cook using leftover lamb, consider this Greek Lamb pizza.

Patsy’s Opening in the Bronx

A pizzeria known in East Harlem for its wonderful thin crust pizza is planning to venture into the Bronx. Patsy’s Pizzeria has been in business for 81 years. Its second outer-borough location is slated to open in Morris Park in June.

Pizza Post, the Family Business

Pizza Post is small as restaurants go. It barely has room to seat 30 guests. But when the lunch rush occurs, the place comes alive.

Quick Pizza Margherita

A thin and crispy pizza can be yours in under 30 minutes!

MLB Fans Want Their Pizza

Major League Baseball fans proved that they’re not just intense when it comes to supporting their teams. They also are very serious about their pizza.

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