Watt Works as Delivery Man

Houston Texan defensive star J.J. Watt spent his day off on Tuesday doing what he used to do. He delivered pizzas.

The Main Street Papa John’s had a new ‘employee’ for the day. He worked at making the pizzas as well as delivering them. He has been working with Papa John’s since the beginning of the season to earn money for his foundation. The J. J. Watt Foundation provides after-school opportunities for kids, helping them to get involved in athletics. 10% of sales on Tuesday went to the Foundation.

“The ability to use all this fame and this success that we’ve had for good,” is Watt’s favorite part of the partnership. “To be able to give back to the kids and to see them succeed. My charity’s been around for four years  now and to see some of the kids grow up and start to get college acceptance letters and say they believed in ‘Dream Big, Work Hard’ in middle school and now they’re going off to college, it’s unbelievable.”

After making some pizzas, Watt spent some time with some lucky fans after he surprised them with home deliveries.

“It’s fun to say hello to fans and see the looks on their faces and to kind of go back out there and say thank you,” says Watt.

Posted on October 29, 2014 at 10:00 AM